Granada & Barcelona!


Following my trip to Belgium to see my friend Sebastien I headed off with a group of friends who I met at the University of Leeds to visit Granada & Barcelona in Spain.

The first of these two Spanish cities that we visited was Granada. Prior to coming to Europe I had never heard of this place but once I did some research it appeared to be a great place to see. We stayed at a hostel in a central location in the city so it was very convenient.

IMG_2059( A view from our balcony,not the greatest photo.)

Upon arrival we met up with some other students staying at the hostel and they took around the city to try tapas. Tapas are a very traditional Spanish cuisine in which you order a drink from a restaurant and they give you a small appetizer for free with the drink. With every drink we purchased we were provided with a different kind of tapas. (the United States should adapt this)

IMG_2057(a view of our hostel’s lobby)

The following days we headed out to explore and do some sight seeing.

IMG_2061(a basic view of the city)

IMG_2065(a nice water way while in search for caves outside the city)

IMG_2070(a view of the Alhambra, a moorish citadel and palace)

IMG_2074(while on our hike)


IMG_2092(a view of the city from the Alhambra)

IMG_2098(great view from the top of our hiking)

After two great days in Granada we then headed to Barcelona!



BARCELONA! 3 Days spent

Seeing Barcelona was amazing, great weather, great people, and great atmosphere. The people in Spain seemed to be just way more relaxed and easy-going in comparison to the rest of the places I had been. Out of all the countries I have been so far I would say it was my favorite. While in Barcelona I did a walking tour of the city, I saw the Sagrada Familia, I went to the beach, I saw a lot of Gaudi’s work, I went to FC Barcelona’s soccer stadium and  I saw the statue of Christopher Columbus. We stayed at a great hostel and met a lot of interesting people.

IMG_2102(Sagrada Familia,. has been under construction for 131 years. Original creator was Gaudi until he died and left no plans on how to finish construction)

IMG_2114(street view)

IMG_2116(along the dock)

IMG_2123(the beach)


IMG_2129(Christopher Columbus)

IMG_2149(Barcelona’s Soccer Stadium)


I am now back in Leeds finishing up my final few weeks. My Easter break was incredible to say the least. My family got the chance to visit me in Europe, I ran an experiment in the middle of no where for a class, I got to visit and stay with a great friend and his family, I traveled Europe with people I’ve only known for a few months,and I’ve learned a lot about myself and life. Overall I  had visited 6 countries in just 4 weeks.

With just 3 weeks remaining in the semester I am going to try and travel as much as I can within the UK.

I will update you guys soon!



1 thought on “Granada & Barcelona!

  1. these are great images! It looks to me like you might need to come home and then head back for a semester abroad in Spain! Just think…while you were enjoying tapas in a Spanish cafe, your friends were studying for finals in the cold rain. 🙂

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