Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands

My last update was about being with my family for a week and being in Northern England for one of my courses…

This post is about more of my Easter Break which I spend at a friends house who lives in Belgium!

Seeing my friend Sebastien while studying abroad multiple times was one of my many goals while studying abroad. I had already seen him once abroad while in Liverpool but now I was finally getting the chance to go to his home after last being there 3 years ago. Upon arriving I was once again greeted with open arms (and alcohol). The first two days we spent just relaxing and enjoying his home. Sebastien was still in his courses so he had to regularly go to lectures (I went to one that was in English, very interesting). The third day was the day that we had all been waiting for…we were going to go to a soccer match  between Belgium v Macedonia in the Belgian capital, Brussels. The atmosphere was something that I had never felt while at any other sporting event. The fans were always chanting and sometimes the occasional flair would get set off in the stadium. Belgium won 1-0!

belgium v macedonia 2 (<- Me & Sebastien)

belgium v macedonia 3 (<- very intense fans)


belgium v macendonia 1


The following few days we spent going to Sebastiens soccer matches and relaxing around his home. We then decided to take a trip to the nearby Belgian city of Bruges. This city was very old with many churches and a nice canal that we took a ride on. It was just a short drive away from Sebastiens house so we only spent an afternoon there.

Bruges 1

Bruges 2

A few days after we had gone to Bruges we took a trip to Maastricht in The Netherlands to visit a friend of Sebastien’s. Maastricht was only about an hour drive Sebastiens house so it was very convenient. We stayed and enjoyed the city of Maastricht for two days.


Maastrich 3 Maastricht 2 Maastricht 1


On our way to Sebastien’s house from Maastricht we decided to take a detour and head to Germany for a few hours ( how convenient right?). We entered the city of Aachen in the west of Germany and decided to grab some traditional German beer and some history.

Aachen 2(<- the cathedral in the center holds Charlemagne’s remains)

Aachen 1


Once the day was over I could say that I had been to three countries in 24 hours..without flying.

I then had a few more days in Belgium then I headed back to Leeds in the UK….

Seeing my friend Sebastien and his family is always amazing. They welcome me with open arms every time.It was great to have finally been back with people I knew before starting my study abroad experience.

After just a few days back in Leeds I was heading to Spain! I will blog about my Spain trip soon! Stay posted!



1 thought on “Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands

  1. I’ve loved reading your blogs Dylan. So glad to hear about all you’ve been able to see/do over there. Can’t wait to hear about it first hand!

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