London, Paris, and Selside

Like I mentioned in my previous post I was going to see my parents in London then we were heading off to Paris…

Meeting my parents in London was a great experience. We visited a lot of the typical tourist attractions (Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Tate Modern, changing of the guard, Big Ben, London Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe, West Minister Abbey…etc) We stayed at an apartment that was near many things to do. We stayed for 3 days in London then headed off to Paris.

big ben buck palace london eye london bridge

Traveling to Paris proved to be a bit more stressful than I had thought it would be. Not understanding French put us in quite the predicament to say the least…we managed though. Having been living in England it was great to go a place that was known for its food. Traveling within Paris became much easier after we had figured out the underground system. We visited the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the lock bridge, The Louvre,and the Arc de Triomphe. It was great fun to see all this with my family!

eif tower eif tower 2 louvre arc de trioumph

The 7 day trip was over just like that. My parents then headed back to the United States and I had to go to Selside (North England) I cannot wait to see them again!



The reason I had to go to Selside was for a course I was taking at my university. We had to run experiments regarding outdoor activities. Mine was testing subjects positivity while participating in team activities. Some of the other experiments others  were running included mountain hiking, rock climbing, and mental tests.


selside 2


I am currently in Belgium visiting my friend Sebastien. I will update you after my trip with him!


Cymru (Wales)

This past weekend I visited the beautiful city of Snowdonia in the north-west of Wales. I was joined by over 150 other American students for a weekend of adventures and sightseeing. Upon entering Wales you will shortly find out that the country has an abundance of sheep (that’s an understatement) Another thing that I noticed was that there was always a strange combination of letters under or above each English word. This language is known as Welsh. (here is an example) Image

Hearing this language was quite interesting to say the least…

The first night while in Wales we had a pub trivia night. This was a great chance for me to have fun and meet other students from the United States that have been studying in different parts of the UK. The following morning I headed off to go go-karting (we had all been assigned different activities to take part in) This wasn’t just any go-karting that I had encountered. This go-karting included us wearing helmets, full body suits, and gloves. The laps were timed and presented on a monitor for us to see. The top 3 winners received champagne (I lost 😦 )


My years of Mario Kart training didn’t pay off



Following go- karting I was assigned to mountain biking. I had never been mountain  biking before and was very excited because the location of the biking was beautiful. The biking it self didn’t go so beautifully. It did not take long to figure out that I was not gifted in the sport. In the end I completed the 14 mile biking (Tour de Snowdonia)  Here are some photos of the views I had gotten from the biking.

wales steal 8 wales steal 6


After my long day of adventures I headed back to the hotel we stayed at and got some rest. Shortly after I decided to take a walk around the area and see what I could find.

wales steal 7 wales steal 5 wales steal 4 wales steal 3 wales steal 2 wales steal

After taking a walk around I again headed back to the hotel. That night we had a party planned at our hotel for us. Needless to say 150 students at a hotel will always be fun. We enjoyed music, food, and the bar.

The following day we would all be returning to our universities but before we did that we would all take a short morning trip to a neighboring village along the sea side.

wales sea 2 wales sea wales sea 3


It was great to see a new country and get away from the city life of Leeds.

Now it is Tuesday, March 12 and I am going to see my family in London! We plan to stay in London for a few days then we will head off to Paris for a few more days! I am very excited to see them. I will update you after my trip with them, stay posted!

Friends & Liverpool

Last time I wrote I left off with me heading off to Liverpool in just a weeks time…

I spent 2 days in the European Capital of Culture absorbing all that I could. I spent this time with my friend Sebastien and his family. It was great finally getting to me up with someone that I had known prior to coming to Europe. We spent our first day at a few museums, taking in good food, learning about the cities sporting culture, and walking along the docks. One thing that I noticed almost immediately when I arrived in Liverpool was the dialect or accent that the people had. It had only been a two hour train ride from Leeds to Liverpool and change in dialect had taken place. I enjoyed hearing this accent more than the Leeds (Yorkshire) accent. It was easier to understand and spoken a bit slower. The second day we decided that we would would take the Beatles Tour and travel to a few famous areas that the Beatles were known to play while in Liverpool before fame. One of the coolest locations that I saw in Liverpool was The Cavern Club, the Beatles had played at this location 292 times. It was full of history, culture, and great live music. 


Since returning from Liverpool I have to doing a lot of studying and group work. Our Easter break is coming up in just 2 weeks and a good portion of the assignments are due just as  I return. Hopefully I can get much of this work done before the break because I am planning on doing a good amount of traveling. (the break lasts 4 weeks, woohooo) During my Easter break I will be heading to London, Paris, Northern England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Barcelona, and hopefully Granada. I am stressed to say the least, but can’t wait!


This weekend I am heading to Northern Wales for a trip with my IFSA Butler program. We plan to participate in outdoor activities, hiking, and sightseeing. I am very excited!

I will update my blog once I have returned from Wales!

All questions/ comments are welcome!Image