It has officially been a month since I left the United States. England is finally starting to feel like home. I’ve made some great friends, and have started to branch out a bit more around the area. Some of the stuff I have been doing includes watching the super bowl at 3:00am (English time) at a pub, going to the Leeds Art Gallery, participating in pub run, celebrating Australia Day (due to me becoming friends with a large number of Aussies), going to Manchester to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and going to Manchester United’s Football Stadium (Old Trafford). Pretty exciting stuff, i’ve got some photos to go along with these events as well.

In just one weeks time I will be heading to Liverpool to see an old high school friend from Belgium named Sebastien. I’m very excited to see him and explore Liverpool. (about an hour long train ride from Leeds) Other things I am looking forward to are my parents & girlfriend coming to see me in 25 days. We plan to visit London, Paris, and Leeds.

Now for the daunting news….

As you might have noticed the title of this post is “Mugged!”. Yes, I was mugged. Just about 3 blocks away from where I live. I wish I could tell you that I beat the two guys up but that just wouldn’t be true. The two men jumped around a corner and knocked me down. Once I was on the ground they demanded my wallet. I then pulled out my wallet and through my cash on the ground and ran (only 15 British Pounds). I was on my way to class at around 9:30am (odd timing) and I had my laptop on me which was broken from when I fell (it is fixed now). It really wasn’t as scary as I thought it might have been. I have learned from it and realized that it is all part of the experience.

That is all for now, stay posted!ImageImageleeds foodleeds art galleryview from my flat leedsleeds city marketleeds fish n chipsmanchester, leedschinese fest. manchester