Settling in

I have been in the UK for just over 2 weeks now. The first 3 days in UK I spent in London with other students from the IFSA Butler program. We spent those days learning more about the UK/ lifestyles of the country, sightseeing, and preparing for our time spent abroad. The past week and a half I have spent my time in the city of Leeds. Compared to where I am from it is an enormous place, that is something I am still adjusting to. A 30 minute walk to class was unheard for me prior to being here. I am now learning that cars in the UK are rare for students. With the weather here being in the mid 20’s it isn’t very much fun to make the haul to class everyday. Some things that I have been doing are going to international student orientations, meeting people in my building, and going out at night. The social scene here is tremendous and it is nearly impossible to not meet someone new everyday. I will have another update coming soon so stay posted!


Preparing for Take Off

In my first post I thought it would be nice to inform you all about where I will be studying. The university I will be attending is called Leeds University, it is located in the West Yorkshire region of England. The city of Leeds has a population of over 750,000 and is the largest center for business, legal, and financial services outside London in the UK. The University of Leeds has a student population of over 33,000 and was established in 1904.

In just 6 short days I will be departing the United States. In this time I will be doing my best to say goodbye to all my friends and family and finishing up my packing. I will write once I have made it to London! Stay posted!